Installation Of Arduino IDE In Windows 10

May, 2021

To program Arduino Uno, Nodemcu we need Arduino IDE. We will Learn How to install an Arduino IDE on a PC.

For installing Arduino IDE follow the steps below

Step 1:-

Go to Arduino Official Website

Step 2:-

Click on software or click on this Arduino Software (IDE) 

Step 3:-

Go to Download the Arduino IDE and click on any of the following

Here I am using Windows 10 so I click on Windows Installer. You can choose as per your requirement.

Step 4:-

On the Contribute to the Arduino Software page just click on just download 

Step 5:-

After downloading complete go to your dedicated folder and right-click on the software and click on Run as Administrator as shown below

Step 7:-

After this step click on agree button and next

Step 8:-

While installing it will ask for confirmation about install the driver just click on the install button as shown below

Step 9:-

Finally, installation is complete just click on the close button

Finally, you have completed the installation. After installation complete 

Go to windows bar/search bar of PC and type Arduino

And just click on the Arduino icon and it will open like below image


You can also watch the video, the link is given below.



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